I caught him sucking on the rocks. I looked away before he noticed. Then I walked around for three days, disengaged with the external, trapped inside, trying to decide, “What is it that he needs?”



The reason we cry in the end

Is to mourn the happiness in the beginning

A watery mess on the floor tonight

Afraid to close my eyes

Fearful I may evaporate by morning

With a touch of luck, I will remain

I’ll catch you off guard

In the pre-dawn light

Tempting the soles of your feet

I’ll ask you to surrender

To let go and fall

In love with me

Once and for all


How much longer does this life have to be mine?

Quick or slow- the question lingers

Long as it remains suspended, the answer,

Intrinsically tied to the space around my head,

An old helium birthday balloon

Occupying space long beyond

The brevity of significance