What good are ears without feet?



I made traveler’s journals today. I’m going to be a wuss and say that counts as “practice” for the day!


In not doing the things that our souls are asking us to do, we are not keeping our word, we are not being trustworthy, we are letting ourselves down. This is serious – I want to be the one that she can count on.


You are the greatest challenge

I was never meant to overcome

For as long as I live

I am required

To create space for you

To transform myself

In order to help you grow


Following  you down the path

I watch you move forward

I do my best to maintain a respectul distance

While somehow matching your pace

Though it may be littered with hurdles

The road is never blocked

So when I find myself stuck behind a barricade

I will remember

There is always a way to meet you on the other side




I chose everything that led up to this point.


Sounds right in my head- repeated to help battle resentment.

Looks wrong on screen,- disregarding external forces that shaped me.

Then I remember that I chose how they effected me.

So, yeah, I chose it all.

Choosing to go to sleep.

Day 113 can suck it.