I walked the dog and I had this amazing post ready to be written. Then  I went on Facebook before I came to this entry and I really forgot everything I wanted to write. Which is to say that the distraction is not recognized unless it is appropriately capitalized. TV, Facebook, God?

But do you remember how one dream lead to another, and another, and another- until I  ended up in the right  place along the path-the one that I saw today while looking south along the river from this exact same location on the trail. In dream, I was lost. I wandered and wandered and then found myself here. This is where I ended up when I pulled the stranger by the shoulders, turned him around and heard him say, “This was always meant for you. You were always headed here.”

In real life, this was the day we drove out to Algonquin to look at the house. You sent me an email that morning titled , “I found the perfect house for us..” We parked the car under the bridge and walked up the stairs, onto the path, where we gained a good vantage point of the backyard of the house. We stood still and commented on the beautiful tree, the fire pit, the patio, the cute dog peeing in the grass. We turned away and looked south on the river when I recounted, “I’ve been here before. I got lost and this is where I found myself.”

Sitting at the bar in the brewery in town, the word showed up on repeat in my mind; “Risk. Risk. Risk.” Over my right shoulder, the stranger placed his order, “Two base jumpers, please.” I looked at you with urgency, as if you heard and saw what I had seen and heard that day.  I silently asked you, “What if we actually jump this time?”







Another piece of the puzzle falls into place as I figure out what it will take to make the most of this life I’ve been blessed with…It takes more than hard work. Yes, it is massively important to have the clean floors, but the performers must display their art, or we experience nothing but the blank space. And no matter how clean or well prepared- if nothing ever happens, what’s the fucking point?


Nothing comes in until I forget about my body. I bob between floating and sinking; uncertain if I’m basking in the light at the surface or catching a glimpse through the darkness of the depth. “The mind tricks the body tricks the body tricks the mind.”