About Me Being

During my many years as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, reiki master and recreational writer, I have collected some tools to isolate time. I am happy with my progress, but I don’t feel satisfied by paying a visit to the present moment during my morning meditations. I don’t want to vacation in the here and now, I want to find a way to slip into that pure space and make it my home.

I learn best through repetition. Habit has helped me most of all. This blog is my attempt to use habit to clear a path to the present, so that I might get there and remain there with ease and familiarity. Starting February 17, 2016, for 365 consecutive days, I will post a written snapshot of now. 365 vignettes, mini-memoirs and maybe, if you’re lucky, some really bad poetry; designed to pull me into one single moment in time. Committing to posting every day and still living a life (one that has nothing to do with sitting down to write) means that some posts will be polished, some will be rough, some won’t make any sense at all, and some are likely to have nothing to do with this intended theme. And, while I am backtracking before I even begin, here are some things you should know if you’re considering taking this trip with me:

1. I don’t know where I am or where I am going.
2. I will get so lost, it will blow your mind that I have survived 33 years.
3. This is for me. I just happen to perform better in front of an imaginary audience.

Another journey begins…



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